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Contract Notes
Where can I access contract notes on Punch?

You can access contract notes on Punch via the hamburger menu by selecting 'Contract Notes', or you can check your registered email for automatic delivery.

  • To access contract notes, tap the hamburger icon on the top left, scroll down to 'Contract Notes,' select the time duration, and view your contract notes.
  • Also, the contract notes for the selected period are sent on your registered email ID within 24 hours.
Can I download the contract notes?

Yes, you can request the contract notes for the selected time period to be sent to your registered email ID.

Can I download the Profit and Loss statement?

Yes, you can download the P&L statement from Punch.

Why didn’t I receive the contract notes on the trade day?

Contract notes might be delayed if exchanges send trade files to Punch late. Normally, they're emailed on the trade day, depending on file receipt.

Typically, contract notes are processed and emailed to your registered address on the trade day. However, delays may occur if the exchange sends trade files to Punch later than usual.

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