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Where can I access the Profit and Loss statement on Punch?

You can access your P&L statement on the app or find it in your registered email.


Access the P&L statement by tapping the hamburger icon on the top left, scrolling down to 'P&L Statement,' selecting the time duration, and viewing the statement.


You may also choose to receive the P&L statement on your registered email ID.

What's a daily margin statement, and how to understand it?

The daily margin statement provides important details about your trading margins. It includes:

  1. Deposited margins from fund transfers and pledged collaterals.
  2. Blocked margins for your current positions.

The report updates you on:

  1. Required margins for your positions.
  2. Available free margins for new trades.
  3. Any margin shortfall to avoid penalties.

You'll receive this statement via email on trading days.

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