Account Opening

Activating an account
What does activating an F&O account mean?

To trade F&O in India, you must have a trading and DEMAT account with a broker as per SEBI regulations.

After you submit the necessary documents, the Punch broking team reviews them internally.

If all documents are correct, our team will check the details in the application with existing details in KRA. If required we will send relevant updates to KRA. 

Once approved by these agencies, your account will be activated.

How much time will it take to activate my account?
  • Typically, account activation takes about 24-48 hours after application submission.

  • Delays can occur due to application errors, KRA or exchange delays, or non-business days like public holidays and weekends.


What is KRA, and do I need to know my KRA?

KRA (KYC Registration Agency) is registered with SEBI to maintain investor details. You don't need to know your KRA; your PAN helps us identify it.

KRA (KYC Registration Agency) is registered with SEBI to maintain a central repository of investor details. India has five primary KRAs: CDSL, DotEX, KARVY, NDML, and CAMS.

You don’t need to know your KRA; your PAN details help us identify and coordinate with the right KRA.

Why is my application being sent to the exchange?

SEBI guidelines require your application to be sent to the exchange for registration, so your orders can be recognised and processed.

SEBI guidelines require that any investor registered with a broker must also be registered by the exchange. This registration is necessary for the exchange to recognize and process your orders.

Are there any charges for activating my account on Punch?

No, Punch does not currently charge any fees for opening or activating your account.

What if my account gets rejected by the exchange?

If your application is rejected, it may be due to unlinked PAN and Aadhaar, a blacklisted account, or invalid KRA status. We will notify you of the issue and reapply instructions.

There are three primary reasons why your application might get rejected by the exchanges:

  • Your PAN and Aadhaar number are not linked
  • Your account has been blacklisted by the exchanges for prior offences
  • Your KRA status was not validated

If your application does get rejected, we will notify you about your status and the issue so you can rectify it and reapply.

Why is my account still not activated?

Account activation delays are usually due to KRA or exchange verification. If delayed over 48 hours, we contact the agencies and keep you informed.

Delays in account activation are usually due to KRA or exchange verification processes.

If the delay is more than 48 hours, we reach out to the concerned agencies directly. We'll keep you informed about your account status throughout the process.

How do I track my application status on Punch?

You can track your application status in real-time on the Account Activation page after you submit your application.



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