Getting Started

Downloading Punch App
Where can I download the Punch app?

You can download the latest version of Punch for free from the Google Play Store.

Is Punch available on both Android and iOS?


Punch is currently on Android and will soon be available on iOS.

Is Punch available on desktop, laptop, PC, or Mac?

No. Punch is exclusively designed for mobile only to empower on-the-go traders with fast, efficient trading directly from your smartphone.

Where can I get a Punch APK?

Punch does not provide APKs, APIs, or EXEs. Please download the app directly from official platforms to ensure secure and reliable trading.

Can Punch be linked with any other broker?

You cannot link other demat accounts to Punch. As a SEBI-registered broker, Punch requires you to open a demat & trading account with us to start trading.

How safe is it to trade with Punch?

Punch is a SEBI-registered broker (NSE: 90253; BSE: 6845; SEBI: INZ000300936) with over 8 years of experience, originating from Market Pulse, known for its charting and analysis tools used by 500,000 traders monthly. Our platform ensures swift trade execution to the exchange in just 0.011 seconds, maintaining a 98.5% crash-free rate. Check our live reliability report

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