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How to trade options on punch

Options trading on Punch

Trade options on Punch with direct access to strike prices and real-time call/put data. Simple scrolling adjusts lots, and a tap executes trades swiftly.


Plotting Strikes

  • You don’t need an option chain when trading options on Punch. Your option strike prices are visible on the right side of your screen.

  • Tap a price to plot the strike line. It appears instantly on your spot chart.

  • You can plot multiple strikes, pan the chart to view different strikes, and see real-time spot prices for indices and LTP for stocks in the purple pointer box on the right.




Checking Call and Put Prices

  • For each plotted strike, real-time Call (yellow) and Put (blue) prices appear on the left, placed on the strike line.


Placing a Buy or Sell Order

  • Options traders on Punch have a unique order form experience. Tap on Call or Put for the chosen strike price to open the order form.

  • Use the lot size scroll:
    scroll down to increase “+ lots” for a buy order,
    scroll up to decrease “- lots” for a sell order.


Changing Lot Size

  • Adjust your lot size by simply scrolling the lot size values up or down.

Punching an Order

  • After setting up your order, tap the big green button at the bottom to Punch the trade. Use the same button to enter and exit trades swiftly.

Customisable Widgets

Explore customisable widgets on Punch to get real-time updates on options data like OI, VIX, PCR, and top traded strikes, all set to your trading needs.

  • Widgets on Punch provide key options data directly from NSE.

  • Our widget tab includes real-time updates on OI, OI change, top traded strikes, VIX, PCR, among other data.

  • Each widget offers different visualisations. Set your preferred view as the default and change it whenever needed.

  • Access widgets by swiping in from the top right corner and close them with the “X” button at the bottom.


Quick Access Cards

Quick access cards are a fundamental feature of Punch, providing instant access to essential data like order books and price charts on a single screen.

  1. They let you access crucial trade information without losing sight of your chart and price movements.

  2. Instantly view your order book, positions, option price charts, and indicators.

  3. To switch between cards, simply swipe back and forth.
  4. For a more detailed view of your order book, positions, or option price charts, swipe up to expand that card.


Scrip Selection

Scrip selection

Switch scrips with a tap, and scroll to access various charts.


  • Punch offers all NSE indices and stock options with NIFTY as the default., BANKNIFTY, FINNIFTY, and MIDCAPNIFTY — and NSE stock options.

  • The default scrip upon opening the app for the first time is NIFTY.

  • To switch scrips, tap the switch icon at the bottom-centre of the screen → choose between Index and stocks → scroll right to left on the carousel to view all the available scrips → tap on a scrip to view its chart.




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