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Investments you can make on Punch
Investments on Punch

Punch offers trading exclusively in NSE Index and stock options, including NIFTY, BANKNIFTY, FINNIFTY, and MIDCAPNIFTY, with all NSE-listed stock options available.

Punch is an options platform where you can invest in both NSE Index and stock options.


Current Options:


  • NSE Stock Options: Presently we have 35 of the most liquid stock options listed on NSE. We are adding the rest soon. 

  • BSE Indices: SENSEX and S&P BSE BANKEX.


Punch does not support:

  • BSE stock options

  • Equity/Cash trading

  • Futures trading

  • Commodities trading

  • Crypto trading

  • Mutual funds, Debt, ETFs, or Index funds.


Are stock options available on Punch?

Stock options are available on Punch! We've introduced 35 NSE stock options, selected based on market liquidity. We're working to add more stock options soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

Can I invest and do cash intraday trades on Punch?

Punch is currently designed only for options trading, focusing on index and stock options. We presently don't support cash trades or long-term equity investments. Stay tuned for future updates as Punch's offerings may expand.

Can I trade in both NSE and BSE options on Punch?

Punch supports trading in both NSE and BSE options:

  • NSE: Index and stock options
Can we trade in commodity options on Punch?

Trading in commodity options is not available on Punch. Our current focus is on NSE and BSE options and hence there are no plans to introduce commodity trading in the near future.

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