Getting Started

Is Punch for me
How do I evaluate if Punch is for me?

Punch’s Practice Mode helps you to evaluate the platform for free. Test our features and trading environment with no account needed to see if it meets your needs.

  • Punch is built different, from design and navigation to the actual trading experience. We recommend using Punch in Practice Mode to test if it’s right for you.

  • Practice Mode offers the full Punch experience, allowing you to explore features and navigate the app without opening an account or adding funds.

  • Spend time in practice sessions, try out every feature, and take trades to see if Punch aligns with your trading needs.

  • Opening an account takes time and effort - thoroughly evaluate Punch before you invest in us.


What is Practice Mode on Punch?


Punch's Practice Mode provides a demo market environment with all live app features. Trade on two practice indices to evaluate if Punch fits your trading needs.


  • Practice mode is a demo market environment, designed to help you evaluate and decide if Punch is right for you.

  • They include all features—charts, widgets, indicators—just like the live app.

  • The difference: it’s a demo market, so charts, prices, and orders are virtual.

  • The demo market is open 24/7, with prices resetting each session.

  • Practice Mode features two scrips: Practice Index #1 and Practice Index #2, while the live market allows trading on indices and stock options.


Can I use Practice Mode for paper trading?


No, Practice Mode doesn't provide real-time NSE data needed for paper trading. They are purely for evaluating if Punch is the right platform for you.


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