Getting Started

Product Manual
Architecture of the App

Scrip Box

Strike Details

Bottom Sheet - Orderbook

Order Runway Screen



  • Swipe to open the widget tab
  • Swipe in from the top right corner to open the tab


  • Scroll to set or change values on Punch
  • Scroll to set lot size, SL values or limit orders



  • Tap to plot a strike line or to punch in an order



The Punch app has three main components


Your home screen, where you can place trades and monitor strikes, call and put prices, indicators, and drawing tools.

Quick Access Cards

The bottom panel of your screen displays your order book, positions, option price charts and indicators.


A customisable control panel that holds your options data and key indicators for precision analysis.

Single Screen Design

The entire trading journey on Punch happens on one single-screen

This compact and intuitive design ensures you stay in control, entering and exiting trades at your desired price. It makes trading simple and breezy, even when you’re busy.

With the spot chart front and centre, you always have eyes on the price.

Widgets, quick access cards and gesture navigation give you complete control of your trades.


  • Widgets are your technical command centre, storing key data for entering, exiting, or managing your options trades.

  • They also offer the flexibility to customise the data visuals to match your style.



  • New widgets are added on an ongoing basis. Current options include OI, OI change, PCR, VIX, and top-traded strikes, among others.


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