Options Trading on Punch

Why is the default chart on Punch a spot chart?

Punch's default spot chart is based on trader feedback, serving as the primary reference for trading. It integrates strike plotting, call and put pricing, and direct trading.

  • After consulting with hundreds of traders and experts, we found that while users trade on option price charts, they primarily use the underlying spot or index chart as the main reference.

  • Setting the spot or index chart as the default allows us to integrate strike plotting, call and put pricing, and trading directly from this chart.
What scrips are available on Punch?

Currently, Punch supports:

  • The top 35 NSE stock options, with more added weekly. 
How do I change scrips on Punch?

To change scrips, tap the double arrow icon at the bottom centre, browse through available options in the carousel, and tap to plot the spot chart.

  • Tap the double arrow icon at the bottom center of the screen to reveal the scrips in a carousel format.
  • Drag the carousel from right to left to browse through all available scrips.
  • Tap on a scrip to plot its spot chart.

How many expiries are available on Punch, and how can I view them?

Punch offers three expiries: weekly, near, and monthly. To view them, tap the expiry icon on the top menu bar and select your preference.

To switch expiries, tap the expiry icon on the top menu bar and select from the dropdown menu.

The weekly expiry is set as the default.

How can I access the option chart on Punch?

Swipe the bottom quick access cards to access the option price chart.

Swipe up on the card for an expanded view.




Can I see the full screen view of the option price chart?

Yes, swipe up on the option price chart to enter the full screen expanded view.


Can I do analysis on the option price chart?

You cannot place trades or perform analysis on the spot chart.

How do I view the option price chart for different strikes and call/puts?


  • Access the option price chart window by swiping on the quick access cards.
  • Use the right-left arrow keys in the top right corner of the card to select the strike price.
  • Use the call/put toggle to select the price chart you want to see.

Does Punch have Candlestick charts?

Yes, Punch currently offers candlestick charts, and we are considering adding Heikin-Ashi candles for clearer price action analysis.

What chart timeframes are available on Punch?

Punch provides multiple chart timeframes from 30s to 1H, tailored for scalpers and intraday traders.

  • Timeframes include: 30s, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 30m, 1H.
  • The 30-second timeframe is specifically designed for fast-paced scalpers.
  • Timeframes like 5m, 15m, and 30m are best suited for intraday traders.
How to activate the crosshair on Punch?

Activate the crosshair by a long press on the chart.


Deactivate it by tapping anywhere on the chart.

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