Options Trading on Punch

How to trade on punch
Plotting strikes

Plotting Strikes

  • You don’t need an option chain when trading options on Punch. Your option strike prices are visible on the right side of your screen.

  • Tap a price to plot the strike line. It appears instantly on your spot chart.

  • You can plot multiple strikes, pan the chart to view different strikes, and see real-time spot prices for indices and LTP for stocks in the purple pointer box on the right.



Checking Call and Put Prices

Checking Call and Put Prices

For each plotted strike, real-time Call (yellow) and Put (blue) prices appear on the left, placed on the strike line.


Placing a Buy or Sell Order

Placing a Buy or Sell Order


Options traders on Punch have a unique order form experience. Tap on Call or Put for the chosen strike price to open the order form.

Use the lot size scroll: scroll down to increase “+ lots” for a buy order, scroll up to decrease “- lots” for a sell order.


Changing Lot Size

Adjust your lot size by simply scrolling the lot size values up or down.



Punching an Order

Punching an Order

After setting up your order, tap the big green/red button at the bottom to Punch the trade. Use the same button to enter and exit trades swiftly.



Does Punch allow OTM options?

You are free to trade options with strikes at any point, we do not have any restrictions on OTM or ITM strikes. However, to manage risk we restrict trading in illiquid contracts.

Can I trade in partial lots instead of whole lots?

Can I trade in partial lots instead of whole lots?


In futures and options trading, you buy in lots, which are set quantities of shares.

  1. You must purchase whole multiples of a lot size—1, 2, 3, etc.

  2. Purchasing fractional lots, like 1.5 or 2.5 lots, is not possible.


Where can I see my today's P&L and Order History?

Your Profit and Loss for each index script is in the ‘Positions’ tab below the chart.




Your Order History for the day is in the 'Order Book' tab, also below the chart.


How do I exit or square off a position on Punch?

If you have an active position on Punch, your live PnL will appear directly on the chart along with real-time call/put prices for the strike.

  • Look for the “X” exit button next to the PnL.

  • Tap the “X” to exit or square off your position.



Does Punch have an 'exit all' feature? Can I exit multiple positions at once?

Yes, Punch allows you to exit multiple positions simultaneously.

  • Access the positions tab by swiping on the quick access cards at the bottom of the screen.
  • Expand the position card to find the “EXIT ALL” button next to your PnL.
  • Tap this button to exit all your positions at once.


Where can I see the profit or loss on Punch?

The PnL for each order is visible on the chart itself, right on the strike line.



You can see the PnL for all your positions in the positions tab - just swipe on the quick access cards.




For a comprehensive view, expand the positions tab by swiping up to see the total net PnL for all positions within the specific index or stock you are trading.



Are there any restrictions on trading weekly options on Punch?

There are absolutely no restrictions on trading weekly options.

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