Options Trading on Punch

Which indicators are available on Punch?

Punch currently offers these indicators: Volume, MACD, ADX, EMA, SMA, RSI, Supertrend, Pivot Points (Standard, Fibonacci, Central, and Camarilla), and Bollinger Bands.


How can I plot an indicator on Punch?

You can plot indicators in two ways:

From the Menu bar, tap on the Indicator icon, select your indicator, customize settings, and apply it to the chart.



From the bottom contextual cards, go to the Indicator tab and tap the indicator you want to use.



Why can't I see some indicators on the chart?

We've learned from traders that quick access to certain indicators like RSI, Supertrend, MACD, Volume, and ADX is crucial for making fast decisions.

These indicators are therefore placed in the bottom indicator card for immediate viewing and quick response.

You can expand the view of any indicator by tapping on it for a more detailed analysis.


Does Punch provide fundamental analysis data?

No, Punch does not offer fundamental analysis data as it is an options-only trading platform.

How can I access SPP and CPP on Punch?

To access SPP or CPP indicators, tap on the Indicator icon in the Menu bar, select SPP or CPP, customise the settings, and place the indicator on the chart.

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