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Punch Protection
What is Punch Protection?

Punch Protection is a risk management tool that lets users set stop-loss and target prices on existing positions. It includes built-in automation, risk-reward ratios, and OCO features, providing useful support for traders.

Can I place my target and stoploss together?

Yes. With the Protection feature, you can now set a stoploss price and a target price to your position at the same time.

What if I just want to place Stoploss and not target?

Yes, you can set only a stop-loss for your position. While setting Protection, tap 'Remove target,' then tap 'Set Protection.' This will place only a stop-loss on your position.

What happens if I exit a Protected position on Punch?

If you choose to exit a Protected position, your stop-loss and target will be cancelled automatically. This feature is known as auto-cancel.

What happens if I modify a protected position?

If you add lots to your protected position, the stop-loss and target will automatically adjust for the existing lots. For example, if you have a protected position of 5 lots and add 3 more, the Protection will still apply to the original 5 lots.

What happens if I partially exit a Protected position on Punch?

In this case, the Protection will stay on the remaining lots. This feature is known as auto-modify. For instance, if you have a protected position of 5 lots and partially exit 2 lots, the Protection will continue for the remaining 3 lots.

At what price will the stop-loss or target be executed for a Protected position on Punch?

The price you set for the stop-loss and/or target will act as the trigger price for the protection order. This order will be executed with a 5% market protection for added safety.

Is there an additional margin charge for using protection on Punch?

The protection order is a square-off, so no additional margin is required.

Can I set my target and stop-loss when placing an order on Punch?

No, currently you can only apply Stop-loss and Target to an existing position.

What is the validity of a Protected order on Punch?

Protection applied to an open position remains valid until it is triggered, the contract expires, or a corporate action occurs.

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