Options Trading on Punch

What options data are available on Punch?

Punch provides all essential data points for options trading, including for entry, exit, or position management.

Available data includes Spot OHLC, Futures (near) OHLC, 5-day price range, top contributors, PCR, VIX, OI with Price and OI change, and top traded strikes.


How do I access option data on Punch?

Swipe in from the top right corner of the screen to access option data.



To close, tap the “X” icon at the bottom of the screen.


Is the Open Interest data real-time?

Yes, both OI and OI change data are provided in real-time.

Are widgets on Punch customisable?

Yes, widgets on Punch are customizable.


In the Widget tab, tap on the edit button.



Select your preferred widget face, and set it.


Your selected face will become the default view.



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