Trouble- Shooting

Account opening
My income proof got rejected, what should I do?

If your documents are rejected, a Punch expert will contact you with specific reasons and instructions for correction.

Meanwhile please ensure your documents meets our onboarding criteria:

  • Clarity and Validity: The document must be clear and currently valid.
  • Name Match: Your name on the document must match the one on your Punch account.
  • Full Document: The document should not be cropped.
  • Recency: The document must be up-to-date.

Specific requirements:

  • Bank Statement: Last 6 months, with at least one credit transaction over ₹10,000.
  • Salary Slip: Last three months, bearing the company seal or letterhead along with a signature.
  • ITR Acknowledgment: From the last 2 fiscal year, showing your full name and PAN.
  • Form 16: Form 16B from the last fiscal year, showing your full name and PAN.
  • Holding Statement: Shows holdings over ₹10,000, with your full name and PAN.


Why do I need a Gmail ID for registration?

Punch uses a Gmail ID for registration to ensure security and simplify the process, as most people already have a Google account.

Punch uses Google login for registration and KYC for two main reasons:

  • Security: Google is one of the most secure platforms, ensuring your data is protected.
  • Convenience: Most people already have a Google account, making the process easier and more straightforward for both users and us.
My bank account statement fetching process failed, what should I do?

If fetching your bank statement on Punch fails due to server issues, we'll retry for an hour. Alternatively, you can provide another form of income proof, such as a DP statement.

  • Fetching failures can occur due to server issues at the bank or depository.
  • In such cases, we will continue attempting to fetch the data for an hour.
  • If needed, you can choose to submit an alternative form of income proof, like a DP statement.
My bank account verification has failed, what should I do?

If your bank account verification on Punch fails, retry in a few minutes as it may be a temporary error. Make sure the account is your own to avoid issues.

  • Often, this is due to a temporary technical error. Try again after a few minutes.
  • Another common issue is trying to link someone else’s bank account. Ensure the account is yours.
My income proof is not getting submitted on Punch, what should I do?
  • Please get in touch with the Punch support team via the app or call us on +91 79410 57311
  • In the meantime, restarting the app has resolved the issue for most users.
I can’t see the option to upload a bank statement manually, what should I do?

Punch uses OneMoney for automated fetching. Alternatively, you can manually submit an ITR acknowledgement, Form 16B, or salary slips.

  • To streamline the process, we use OneMoney for automated bank statement fetching.
  • If you prefer not to use this service, you can manually upload any of the three alternative documents, namely ITR acknowledgement, Form 16B, or salary slips.
Who can I contact for support from the Punch team?

Punch Helpline: 7948222271
Live Chat (Whats App): 7304038691
Call & Trade: +91 22 48932192
Account Opening: +91-7941057311

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