What does it take to do
the impossible?

Punch is shattering every rule in the book to build
mobile trading from the ground up. We're betting this will
make us a large business playing neck and neck with
the competition.

This is an unforgiving marathon of grit, sweat and tears. You're looking at 3 years of outrageous speed, hard decisions, pushing boundaries, missed birthdays and pissed-off spouses.

So if you're a problem solver or creative thinker, go work for the competition — they could use your help. What we need are wizards, warriors, bravehearts and audacious never-give-uppers.

If you can't wait to walk this path until you plant your flag in the big league, this is your time to do the impossible.


It's obvious to us that we're building something that's never been tried before. This something is going to change everything. For us, for traders, for the industry and the competition.

Being on this journey means running insanely fast in one direction. It means when we aim for epic, we don't settle for well tried. We take big bets, walk against giants, and never stop gunning for the big win.

If you're hungry to play for this team, see our open positions. Let's hit it out of the park.

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The stars are lining up, and we've got front row seats.

A great product alone cannot propel us to the top. But with these powerful conditions emerging, we're convinced we have the recipe for a breakthrough.

An exploding marketplace

Explosion of market

The number of options traders in the market, and the revenue they generate, is set to triple in the next 5 years.

This is the right time to power the industry with deep product and design thinking. And as a stockbroker leading with innovation, we're in the right place to nail it.

The business of profitability

Profitability ratio

The startup world considers a 10-20% profit margin a highly profitable business. The Indian broking industry doubles that for breakfast. As of 2023 the top 2 brokers in the country* are operating at 27-40% profit margin.

With a game-changer like Punch, we're confident we will build a large successful business in the broking space.

*Zerodha and Angel report citations

Shifts in the ecosystem


The broking ecosystem is being supercharged by major tailwinds.

→ Strong regulatory leeways to boost options traders
→ Mobile's sweeping takeover of desktop in trade execution
→ A growing economy = younger workforce, higher incomes, greater investor interest

Being India's first options-only and mobile-only broker, we see this as a golden moment to grab our seat at the table.


Join the ride

Punch is a team of 70 scaling to 100 by Q1 2024. Meet our fastest growing crews, and the toughest nuts you’ll get to crack with them.



  • Ajit Dandekar
    Ajit Dandekar

    Co-Founder, Research


  • Arshad
    Arshad Fahoum

    Co-Founder, SME


  • Lionel Lobo
    Lionel Lobo



  • Manish Malviya
    Manish Malviya



  • Abhishek Nayak
    Abhishek Nayak



  • Mahesh Patade
    Mahesh Patade



  • Amit
    Amit Dhakad

    CEO, Co-founder


  • Mahima Bedi
    Mahima Bedi



  • Siddharth Nair
    Siddharth Nair



  • Archit Sunat
    Archit Sunat




We have a strange retention problem. No one wants to leave.

It's true. We simply love what we do at Punch, and we're obstinate about doing it together. This culture, this feeling of belonging, is brilliantly infectious; you have been warned. ;)

Punch is built in Mumbai. And Bangalore. And Goa. And Assam. And Himachal. And Delhi.

We've discovered a balance between the comfort of remote work and the power of being together.

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